TotalLocum is a leading locum pharmacy recruitment agency dealing with the recruitment of locum pharmacists for locum pharmacy work and permanent pharmacy jobs in community pharmacy across the UK.

TotalLocum covers england, wales and scotland and our pharmacy clients include superdrug pharmacy, tesco pharmacy, co-op pharmacy, rowlands pharmacy, day Lewis pharmacy, sainsbury pharmacy, asda pharmacy, morrisons pharmacy and many independents.

This is why we are a leading locum pharmacy recruitment agency for locum pharmacists.

Why choose TotalLocum

TotalLocum is one of the very few preferred Pharmacy Locum Agencies for Boots, Tesco, Lloyds and Well pharmacy. 

We have been established for 20 years so we have the largest client-base of any agency with over 9,000 pharmacies

An abundance of clients equals an abundance of locum pharmacist jobs so register NOW for our locum pharmacist vacancies.

We have a long established reputation for a prompt and efficient service run by pharmacists for pharmacists.

What block placements/ Stay Aways do you have?

We have Block Placements / Stay Aways Nationwide from now into next year. Accommodation and expenses included. Excellent rates. 

Hastings, Bexhill, Brighton, Kent, Sussex, Southampton, Hampshire, Weymouth, Dorset, Cornwall, Devon, Plymouth, Exeter, Taunton, Wells, Somerset, Warminster, Bath, Bristol, Wiltshire, Avon, S Wales, Swindon, Norfolk, Hull, Blackpool, Kendal, Lancashire, Durham, Channel Islands.

Email blocks@totallocum.co.uk

Newly qualified locums welcomed!

We provide free guides to company procedures and computer systems, locuming and self-employed accountancy. We match locums to suitable placements in terms of support and workload of pharmacy. 

TotalLocum considers that in return for locums providing a professional pharmacy service to our clients we should always provide a comprehensive agency service to assist and support our locum pharmacists. This is why we are a leading locum pharmacy recruitment agency for locum pharmacists. 

From this moment onwards you will always demand the TotalLocum approach. You need it, you deserve it and we are the only locum agency who can provide it.

DBS Check only £50.80

Enhanced Disclosure & Barring service (DBS):

We provide the CHEAPEST Enhanced DBS check for locum pharmacists of any locum agency at only £50.80. If you require an Enhanced DBS check and you are a locum pharmacists please email DBS@totallocum.co.uk. 

This is a time limited offer for an Enhanced DBS check for locum pharmacists

Earn £200 for 2 minutes work!

If you know of any locums either local or from anywhere in the country then TotalLocum is prepared to offer £200* to you for each locum that contacts TotalLocum via your recommendation.

Please also email the locum's details to £200@totallocum.co.uk to ensure your recommendation is linked to the locum's registration

*Please see the legal link for terms and conditions. 

Permanent Pharmacist Jobs

TotalLocum finds permanent pharmacy jobs for pharmacists in community pharmacies across the UK. We are a leading pharmacy recruitment agency with a wide range of pharmacist jobs available if you are looking for a different challenge to your current role. 

TotalLocum covers England, Wales and Scotland and our pharmacy clients include Boots Pharmacy, Lloyds Pharmacy, Superdrug Pharmacy, Tesco Pharmacy, Well Pharmacy, Rowlands pharmacy, Day Lewis pharmacy, Sainsbury Pharmacy, Asda Pharmacy, Morrisons Pharmacy and many independents. 

Do you want to phone around every pharmacy looking for work? Would they keep your details on record if you did? Do you want to haggle with the pharmacies? No, then why not let us take the strain!

Our Promise

TotalLocum has been established for 20 years and the reason that we are still going strong is that we deal fairly and efficiently with all our locums and clients. No exaggerated claims... what we say we will do is what we will do !

How do I use the system?

Finding work or a locum is easy with the TotalLocum Booking System. All you have to do is logon to our registration page, let us know what your preferences are for work (e.g. rate of pay / travelling distance), complete the diary to let us when you are available and from then on you will be notified of any jobs that match your criteria.

Then it's your choice whether to accept the job - no pressure, no hassle. You can use the system as a standalone tool or to complement your regular bookings.

How does your system work!

We use a simple database to match your preference to the thousands of daily bookings being made in the U.K. locum market. It's that easy. No need to plough through sheets of available dates just to find there are no suitable placements or the date you want has already gone. 

No harassment from your agency for placements that you do not want to do. You put in all your preferences for work and the system selects a job for each date that matches your preferences. You just select accept or decline online or via text messaging and your electronic diary automatically updates itself so no more double bookings.

I can't be bothered to check my E-mail every evening!

No need. TotalLocum will text message you if you have a job waiting for confirmation. You will be able to accept or decline via text messaging also.

I like talking to a person!

Yes we do have real people to talk to. We work away on your behalf to ensure all the systems are up to date and working efficiently and we are getting you the jobs you want.

What rates can I charge?

It's entirely up to you. You decide which rates you want to charge.

Why should I change?

We offer so many more support systems and benefits to make Locum work more enjoyable. TotalLocum provides you with a sophisticated online E-Diary allowing you to access our agency services 24/7. 

TotalLocum provides locums with detailed information on the pharmacy, including expected level of support, pharmacy business level and maps/directions to the pharmacy. 

TotalLocum provides computer system guides, help sheets on company procedures, a guide to locuming, guide/spreadsheet for taxation and regular newsletters to keep you updated with issues in community pharmacy..

Will I get enough work?

We work with every major pharmacy company to secure as much work as possible for you. We operate very differently to other agencies and it is an approach that the companies like. 

TotalLocum is one of the very few preferred agencies for Boots, Tesco, Lloyds and Well Pharmacy. We have been established for 20 years so have the largest client-base of any agency with over 9,000 pharmacies. An abundance of clients equals an abundance of locum work so register NOW! 

We have a long established reputation for a prompt and efficient service.

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